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My work has always been based on the behaviour of the human physical body and the culture of personal experience.
The previous work explored the individual body and mind. In order to extend this exploration, I have turned my attention from the human physical body to the field, and it is also the human activity in some specific places, for example, festivals, rituals, or celebrations. A discussion of the authenticity of memory is derived from observations of the development of different social rituals.

The primary way humans remember is by encoding information, and the simplest form of encoding is to categorize information and then store it separately. It is because of this sloppy way of encoding and storing memories that the process of decoding recollections tends to result in various errors. Research has shown that memory distortion, like hallucinations, is the result of a malfunctioning brain. The brain is extremely susceptible to memory errors in chaotic states such as overwork, tension, excitement, and terror, such as treating the unknown as known, fiction as reality, and the past as the future. 

I express the change of memory through the creation of pseudo-documentation of images, re-construction of sounds, and distortion of everyday things.



Jihong Hua /Hwa /花季红

BA - Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Experimental Art

MA- Chelsea College of Arts, Fine Art


2023,Exhibition"PLOT",  Cookhouse, London

2022, Exhibition‘ Dam,MAS, FoShan

2021,Exhibition "HEALING", Atelier Bois Space,Beijing

2021,Participating artist,UNFOLD,Shanghai

2021,Participating artist, Art  Fair,  HIMALAYAS MUSEUM,Shanghai

2021,Participating artist, Hangzhou Art Book Fair, Hangzhou

2020,Participating artist in the "Post Wave" Art Festival, Shanghai

2020,Participating artist, Peach Planet Music and Art Festival, Shanghai,

2020,Participating artist in "One Youth" Art Festival, Suzhou

2019,Participating artist at Picnic Art Festival, Shanghai

Publications & Books

ALS, book, 2019

Orange, book, 2020

Curl up, book, 2019



2020, Cai Jin Scholarship Winner, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts,Tianjin 2017-2018, Second Prize of Scholarship of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts,Tianjin 2016-2017, Second Prize, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship,Tianjin


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