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My practice focuses on sculpture, installation, moving image, sound, and virtual technology.
I always try to approach my projects in a multidimensional way and delve into a specific theme. In the works, the medium, material and technical framework conditions are systematically revealed and scrutinised. I believe that in most cases the subject matter also determines the medium - therefore I use different genres and build a mesh from them to create a hybrid installation. In my artistic practice, I seek to explore and reflect on the intertwining of the human and the virtual reality, focussing on issues of media, materiality, transformative processes and hybridity. Thematically, my work has always been based on corporeal behaviour, personal experience, current culture, and historical culture. Always wondering about identity, I try to explore the inner world by peeling off the exterior through contemporary means.



Hwa Jihong 花季红

BA - Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Experimental Art

MA- Chelsea College of Arts, Fine Art

Group Exhibitions

2024, Exhibition "OFFICE MASTER", Millbank, London

2024, International Fastival, Cookhouse,London

2023, Exhibition"PLOT",  Cookhouse, London

2022, Exhibition‘ Dam,MAS, FoShan

2021,cExhibition "HEALING", Atelier Bois Space,Beijing

2021,Participating artist,UNFOLD,Shanghai

2021,Participating artist, Art Fair,  HIMALAYAS MUSEUM,Shanghai

2021, Participating artist, Hangzhou Art Book Fair, Hangzhou

2020, Participating artist in the "Post Wave" Art Festival, Shanghai

2020, Participating artist, Peach Planet Music and Art Festival, Shanghai,

2020, Participating artist in "One Youth" Art Festival, Suzhou

2019, Participating artist at Picnic Art Festival, Shanghai


ALS, book, 2019

Orange, book, 2020

Curl up, book, 2019



2024,  Scholarship Winner, Geoff Dudley Bursaries

2020, Cai Jin Scholarship Winner, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin 2017-2018, Second Prize of Scholarship of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Tianjin 2016-2017, Second Prize, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Scholarship, Tianjin


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