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‘l’ is a lowercase L.

It means London and Ljubljana.


Size: Variable size

Materials: Nine-channel image, about 5 minutes, VR Headstrap, and wood (Ljubljana display for 2-channel images)



Minghao Wu


(3D design, Video Editing, 3D scanning& recording)


Jihong Hua /Hwa

(Sound design, VR support, 3D scanning& recording)


Sookyung Kim


(Video Editing, 3D scanning& recording)


Xuyan Pan


(Video Editing, 3D scanning& recording)



Cheo Gonzalez

(3D scanning& recording)


Jon Patrick Croskrey


(3D scanning& recording)



Jaka Komac


(3D scanning& recording, Technical Support) From Ljubljana Sanja Vatić (3D scanning& recording) From Ljubljana


Lara Papov


(3D scanning& recording) From Ljubljana

This is MAFA’s co-creation space with Ljubljana. When we think about how to create a connection with Ljubljana, the biggest obstacle is the spatial distance. So we decided to solve this problem. We chose files from Ljubljana and the London area. The artists in the 3D group scanned the surrounding spaces and complexes, reorganising the architectural fragments to create new spaces. You will find many familiar and unfamiliar parts. It comes from the real, but always belongs to the imaginary. And, we record the language of the building itself - the sounds of its environment, sampling, morphing and designing. Please keep going in this space and don‘t stop.

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