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curl up(2019)








curl up (2019)

1'46'', hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation, image, installation.


Dragonflies, grass, and sleep.

Fertility, genes, teeth, and mothers.

Freedom, though, and discipline.

Chaotic free bodies, washed away by the sea.

In this fast-paced world, people are full of doubt and anxiety about themselves. Through this work, I have created a 'sanctuary' for myself at a time when I am most insecure and anxious. It looks like a sleeping bag in which I can rest, like a baby back in the womb, soft and delicate and isolated from the world. I used a lot of symbolism throughout the film, some elements whose symbolism came from my personal experience, but which resonated and connected with the audience.
In the final work, I used two readings to carry the film through time, allowing the viewer to appreciate that the reading experience is different in different ways of presentation.
The work is made up of two parts, real existence, and imaginative expression. Access to another virtual world of consciousness through my handmade soft sculptural work, I express this imaginative nature in a frame-by-frame hand-drawn painting.
The video version of the film is 1 minute 42 seconds and the physical book is around 700 pages. By viewing at two different rates, the viewer experiences the same work in different modes.


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