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Wedding Game:Swinging Vessels


Preface My work has always been based on the behaviour of the human physical body and the culture of personal experience. The previous work explored the individual body and mind. In order to extend this exploration, I have turned my attention from the human physical body to the field,it is also the human activity in some specific places, for example,  festivals, rituals, or celebrations.

Humans are social creatures, and observing the human condition in space can be more complex and rich than observing  individuals. By observing the ways and projects of people's celebrations, we can consider patterns of behaviour and  meaning, and understand the existence of history and memory.


I chose to start with weddings because they are the most important celebration I have ever attended. Weddings are also  something that most people will probably have experienced. In China, there are a lot of games and flow patterns in wedding celebrations and I will focus on these aspects to design  a sculpture and an image that is a combination of different materials.

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